Where to Place Yourself for Success in March 2018

Do you know that it's worth doing a monthly check-up on your feng shui?

Here's a top tip on where to sit in March to tap into the career success energies for this month.

Find the south-west sector of your home or office and sit there. Seeking a promotion? Grab a seat in the south-west. If you are applying for a job, this is a good place to sit in your home. 
2018 is the Year of the Dog

The yearly stars and monthly stars are a supportive or career progression. What are these stars and stars I hear you ask?

Flying stars feng shui, which is the professional standard of feng shui, according to the stars (North, NW, West, SW, South, SE, East, NE). 
A full consultation of your home or office is highly personalized in your property and your date of birth. Not exactly something we can do on this blog! 

Each year, the annual stars are found in the same direction of each house and each office. General tips based on the annual stars can be applied to your home or office. Each month, there are monthly stars found in the same directions.

So, for March 2018. the south-west sector is the place to sit and plot your next step on the corporate ladder or your next entrepreneurial move.

One more thing, remember this a general tip. Get full support for your success with a Feng Shui consultation for your home and office. 

The stars (energies) are changing every month and you want to stay ahead. Feng Shui will help. 

You might be wondering if you want to have your Feng Master Master visit you every month. Tycoons like to get their Feng Shui Master round to check all the furniture placement and select dates for important meetings / events. If you're an entrepreneur, CEO or business professional who wants to succeed, then you'll want to talk to me about my VIP program. Call me, Foon, on +44 7740 940888 (Whatsapp) to arrange a complimentary strategy session.