Who will be the next British Prime Minister? Brexit? What does Chinese astrology say?

In the Four Pillars of Destiny (Chinese astrology) luck changes with time. At the start of each Chinese New Year a new cycle of luck begins.Here is the four pillars chart for Boris Johnson:

The four pillars is far more detailed than the Chinese year animal sign.

In Boris Johnson‘s chart he was born in the year of the wood dragon. The wood on top of the Dragon is known as a stem.

When we look at the full natal chat with the four pillars we look at the day and we see that Boris Johnson is an earth person because he’s born on an Earth Pig day.

We say his day master is Ji yin earth. You can see this under the day pillar in the chart.

For an earth person wood is the spirit for power. To be in a position of authority, to be in the government, to be the Prime Minister, power is important in the four pillars chart.

Jia, Yang Wood, in the year stem is the visible power. Many Prime Ministers have visible power in the year pillar.

In the cycle of the five elements water feeds wood. For an earth person, such as Boris Johnson, the water element is the spirit for wealth.

When water, the wealth spirit, comes in the 10 year luck pillars (each chart also has cycles of luck which change) it’s a good time for Boris to seek power.
Water is beneficial to Boris’s chart because he has a summer birthday, he’s born in June, a fire month. When water comes in the ten-year luck pillars or in the annual pillars then this brings Boris opportunities for gaining wealth which naturally supports gaining power, according to the theories in the Four Pillars of Destiny (Chinese Astrology).

2019 is an earth pig year, 己亥, the is another earth stem, just like Boris who is a earth person. Another earth person suggests a rival. When we see rivals in a person’s chart it’s a time for the person to be in competition.

Who is competing with Boris Johnson for the position of Prime Minister of the UK?

It’s Jeremy Hunt who has the following chart:

Jeremy Hunt was born in the year of the fire horse.
His day pillar is , Jia yang wood - day master.

We don’t have the birth hour for Jeremy Hunt.

Using the date of birth, we see in the chart that there isn’t a power spirit in the year stem or the month stem.

It’s possible he has a power in the hour pillar.

The metal element is the power spirit for Jeremy Hunt

There isn’t any metal in his current ten year luck pillar, and there isnt any metal in the year pillar for 2019 Earth pig

Based on this quick fun analysis it looks like Boris will be the next prime minister

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