How to open Calabash

Wu Luo? Wu Lo? Calabash?

Different names for the same thing.

Calabash gourds are used in feng shui to protect health.

Placing calabash gourds in the right place can help transform negative sickness tree into positive energy.

The calabash is a natural gourd and each one is unique. To benefit from the calabashes ability to protect health you need to open the natural gourd.

Some natural gourds are painted with images. These are still natural from the point of view that they are dried gourds.

How to open a calabash gourd (FOR ADULTS ONLY)


1. Use sharp scissors or a strong serrated kitchen knife and a chopping board. For small gourds, sharp scissors which can comfortably cut across the top usually suffice.

2. Cut across the top of the gourd underneath the stalk.  Be careful that you hold the gourd so that when you cut the top off it does not fly towards you. 

3. There should be a hole at the top of the gourd as seen in the photo. You might need to make more than one cut.

4. If some of the stalk remains then you can gently push it inside the gourd with a skewer. 

5. After you have cut a hole across the top you can then use scissors or a knife to cut a little bit lower to make the opening wider.

You can also paint the calabash with gold paint (optional)