Feng Shui Tips for a Happy Home for New Baby

Watch this video for Feng Shui Tips for a Happy Home for families with new babies. The tips for the living room and bedroom can be used as easy feng shui tips for a home filled with the energies for prosperity and happiness.

Imagine that you're at this amazing spa. You're floating in water which is just the right temperature when you're hungry and you want something to eat it's just there. You sleep when you want. You play
when you want and you're surrounded by this immense feeling of love then one day, all of a sudden, this comfortable world that you're used to, it all changes. You get pushed out. Ha, ha you gasp for your first breath. You cry and somebody even slaps you. You are a new baby born into the world. When the new baby is born it's a joyous occasion, but imagine you're the baby and you leave that ever so comfortable environment for a world, which is full of bright lights noise and brand-new experiences. How do you want to make the whole new world for your new baby truly wonderful?
When baby emerges from mother's womb, as soon as mother picks up the baby and the baby nestles against mother there's a huge sense of comfort and babies want to have that sense of comfort wherever they go. Remember that your baby like everyone else, a spiritual being having an earthly experience. What can you do as parents to give your child a truly wonderful start to the earthly experience? 

One of the ways you can create that happy space in very subtle ways is to apply some feng shui tips. Babies will absolutely love feeling comfortable in a house which is benefiting from positive feng shui. You might be wondering what feng shui can do? 

Whilst I love sharing everything there is to know about Feng Shui,  in the time we have available today I'm going to focus on giving you some easy tips which you can apply straight away in
your family home, and also some particular tips for the nursery. You might be curious about the theory behind Feng shui and I'm going to share a bit of that in the time we have available today and talk about the five elements and how you can apply that as soon as you can.  Being new parents is such a joyful experience but like any new experience, it can come with some stress. I'd like to give you some tips to help minimize that stress and help your home and your family truly enjoy the joys of babyhood. If you want to connect with me, find Feng Shui Foon on social media. Download our app  from daily-chinese-astrology.com

Let's go back to the journey of the new baby. A new baby is a spiritual being coming to earth to have an earthly experience. Some people say babies choose their parents. Did you choose your parents? Are you looking forward to meeting your new baby, who's chosen you? When new babies come into this world they'll see the skies above. They'll be aware of the surroundings. In nature, we're aware of the wind that blows. We're aware of the water that sustains life. Feng Shui literally means wind and water. Feng Shui is about the spiritual force which we call qi and this spiritual force is found in nature, and this spiritual force is found in buildings and interiors. 

The spiritual force chi is what gives us life. It's in people, it's in plants, it's in animals and in everything around us. In feng shui we're dealing with the spiritual energies of your home and by connecting with those spiritual energies we can bring about greater prosperity and happiness.

When you think of Feng Shui on a practical basis, feng Shui is about arranging your home, or your office, your workplace to support you in getting what you want, to give you the best environment. It's like having a secret helper in your home. When you work with a feng shui consultant, a feng shui consultant should help you choose the right colors and the right layout so that your home feels calm, beautiful and it supports you in getting what you want. When you work with a feng shui consultant find professionals who have a track record with flying stars, that's the professional standard for feng shui.

When you arrive at your house with your new baby, you'll be carrying this new baby in your arms through the door. The door is very important in feng shui. Stand at your door and see what's around
you. Whilst we want to arrange the interiors according to our tastes and according to a good feng shui, feng shui starts from the outside. Check that outside your home is just as beautiful as on the inside. Make sure your door opens fully and is unobstructed. When you have those baby buggies, make sure that you can still open the door with your buggy in the hall. It's good to have open space
outside the door and on the inside, so that the qi, the spiritual forces that come into your house can flow in gently.

You want to create a happy space in the family home for your baby. Remember that your baby was luxuriating for nine months. Now that your baby is coming home to this a whole new environment you want to make it relaxing and comfortable for everybody in the family. You want your home to have a feeling of warmth so it's nice for a home to have some warm colours. Have inspiring artwork that lifts your spirits. You want to relax at home. You don't want any sense of pressure. Avoid sitting or sleeping under beams because they can give a sense of pressure. It's much nicer to have a flat ceiling. 

When you carry your newborn baby and you sit down in the living room with the baby in your arms make sure your sofa is against the wall. You want protection against disturbance so a solid wall behind you gives you a sense of security. Nobody can creep up behind you whilst you've got your newborn baby in your arms. It's nice to sit with some open space in front of you and a small piece of furniture. You want to be able to put things down and you want the qi to amble slowly and gently around your living room. Newborn babies communicate with their emotions. A baby will let you know when your baby is happy and when your baby is unhappy. Babies want to feel safe and protected when they're sleeping.  

If you see a happy smiling baby then you know the space the nursery has a sort of feng shui that makes baby smile. How can we create this safe, protected a1tmosphere? In the nursery, cover the windows with heavy curtains when a baby is sleeping. Blackout blinds or blackout linings do a great job. Create a cozy cave-like space. Remember that for nine months baby was embraced in a very warm comfortable place so being in a large room with lots of open floor space means that the qi will move around more. Baby might sense this and feel disturbed.

Whether it's a cot for a baby, a bed for an older child or in your bedroom, having cupboards and shelves directly above your head creates a beam-like effect, and this could give a feeling of pressure. You want to feel relaxed. You don't want this feeling of pressure so shelves or cupboards above the bed are not ideal. Sloping ceilings in the bedrooms are not great. If you have a loft conversion the slope could come quite low down. Again having a low ceiling close to your head can give a sense of pressure, so for a bedroom, it's best to have flat ceilings. 

Place beds and cots against a solid wall. The wall is undisturbed by the movement of water in water pipes. Watch out for shared walls with bathrooms, especially ensuite bathrooms. We want to have a nice safe solid feeling. A wall which has pipes with moving water disturbs the quietness of the wall on a very subtle level. Babies can usually sense this. Talking of moving water, radiators have moving water and you wouldn't place a bed or cot against the radiator. We also don't want to have a cot or a child's bed under a window if we can avoid it. Any draughts will disturb a sleeping baby. Sometimes this is unavoidable in which case heavy curtains with a thick lining will give that solid feeling. Your baby or your toddler wants to feel safe and protected while sleeping.

Avoid having corners from the walls or from the furniture pointing at the bed. Soften the sharp edges by covering them with a cushion or soft toy.

Avoid opening a door directly onto the sleeping baby. Ideally, close the door and use a baby monitor.  Mobile's can be very good for stimulating babies when they're awake, but when babies are asleep see if you can move the mobile away from being above the baby's head. Remember that your newborn baby was in this lovely serene comfortable environment before being pushed out into this world. Imagine if you were to wake up with all these dangling objects in front of you. 

Babies and toddlers love looking up their own reflections, and this is great fun when they're awake. For sleeping, it's a slightly different story. We don't want to reflect the bed or the cot in a mirror facing the bed. If the mirror is on the same wall as the headboard then you can still have a mirror in the room without reflecting the bed. If there's any light hitting the mirror that's likely to wake up a very sensitive baby. 

Let's talk a little bit about the five elements in feng shui and give you some easy tips for bringing in the five elements.  The metal element is anything which is curved gold shiny metallic or silver shiny metallic. It's also the sound of metal. The water element is a wavy pattern and the color black. The wood element includes the colours green and turquoise, and it's also long thin columns. Plants and flowers are the wood element. The fire element colours are red, pink and orange; fiery tones and triangular shapes. The earth element is square or almost square rectangular shapes, and shades of brown, beige or yellow. In a room to create a sense of balance, it's good to include all five elements. 

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