The Chinese lunar new year of the Oxstarts on 12th February 2021. The year of the Ox is a a time of celebration for Chinese people. Chinese New year celebrations start on Chinese New Year's eve with a family dinner.

I left my birthplace of Hong Kong to come to the UK after only celebrating Chinese New Year four times. I was fortunate when growing up to experience Chinese New Year celebrations with my family. Here are some of Chinese New Year customs. Do you know some more?

Lucky Money or Lai See is given to children. Two packets of Lai See are placed under the pillow and two clementines by the bedside.

Lucky Money Lai See

Wear new clothes.

Fresh fruit and flowers are placed in the home.

No washing hair on New Year’s Day and no sweeping. A new year bring new qi, new luck, you don't want to wash away your luck or sweep it out of the door.

Vegetarian food on New Year’s Day because it’s the first day of the lunar month. A rather good idea after a big feast on Chinese New Year's eve. 

Auspicious food for New Year’s Eve dinner include:
Roast pork belly
Fish with head and tail
Dried oysters and Angel hair moss
Nine separate dishes on the table

Auspicious snacks during the New Year period include peanuts, melon seeds, sweets, tangerines.

Clementines with leaves. The leaves are symbolic of good relationships.

Chinese New Year Cake made of glutinous rice flour and steamed.

During the Chinese New Year holiday period we mind our language and speak good wishes.

The seventh day after the lunar New Year it’s everybody’s birthday. On this day everybody is a year older Chinese people count the age from the start of the Chinese New Year.

Will you be celebrating Chinese New Year in February 2021?

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