Is the South-west the Romance Corner?

So you've read about the south-west corner in a home being the romance or relationship corner?

Do you wonder if that's true? 

Is feng shui simple or mystical?

Both. Sort of.

On the one hand, there are simple and easy feng shui tips that you can apply safely in your own home. You'll find these tips online and bookmark and come back often here for some fabulous free tips. 

The free tips are not the same as having a personalized consultation for your home. When you hire a professional you would expect a lot more than the free stuff. A professional would take an accurate compass measurement of your place and ask you about the year your property was built, any major renovations and when you moved in. If you're not asked for this information, caveat emptor! One more thing, you would be asked for your date of birth if you're getting the real deal.

For now, I'm not going to ask you those questions because you're getting some free easy to apply tips which are general for anyone and everyone.

Back to the opening question: Is the relationship corner in the south-west?

It depends! For your home, it might be in the south-west or it might not. That's the slightly mystical answer.

The simple answer is that this month, March 2017 you can activate the romance/coupledom energies in your home by making a small change to the south-west corner, or side of you place.

Why this month?

Feng Shui is about changing your space to change your life. Each year brings different energies and so does each month. Feng Shui changes with time. There's a lot to explain about that, so I'll save it for another time. I'm going to give you the top tip that you can take away right now and put in place to improve life for you.

Take it that from 5 March to 5 April 2017 there's a lot of romance energy gathering in the south-west corner of your home, for this month. 

Place a vase of fresh flowers in clean water in the south-west to help with attracting new admirers.

What if you're reading this after March 2017? Pop a comment with the month in question and I'll give you the direction of the romance corner.

You're smart, and you've figured out that there's a shift every month!

Come back again for more feng shui tips on health, wealth and career.