Does Feng Shui bring Good Luck?

How can you tell you're experiencing good luck? Is it a lucky year, lucky month, or even a lucky day? It's easy to take good luck for granted. Take a moment to recallrecent days, or even today.

Are you having a lucky day?

The sort of day when the traffic lights turn green as you approach in the car, or the pedestrian crossing gives you the signal to cross the moment you step to the edge of the road. When the day unfolds according to plan you feel lucky right?

The flying stars in Feng Shui influence your luck. The stars fly in a pattern according to the year, month and day. Are all the stars aligned when it’s your lucky day?

The daily, monthly and yearly visiting stars fall into the same pattern for all houses/apartments/offices on any given day. Your home or office has its own resident stars which have a pattern affecting you and your luck all the time. Think of the visiting stars as giving you a ‘lucky break’ whereas the resident stars are the long-term influences on your luck.

Tracking the yearly and monthly stars gives us some flying stars Feng Shui tips you can apply to your home, without doing the detailed analysis for your home. Want to deep dive into the Feng Shui of your home? Reach out to me on Whatsapp ( and quote 'Blog Offer' to get this month's special deal. Or call on +447740940888. Thanks to the latest technology, I can do Feng Shui Consultations anywhere in the world where there's an online connection.

For May 2018, the monthly and yearly stars coming together in the south-west sector of your home are supportive for good luck.

The yearly star 6 flies into the Southwest throughout 2018. Star 6 represents leaders and authority figures; CEOs, the heads of departments and those at the top of their game in their field. The stars have personality, if you want qualities that the star offers, you want to tap into the consciousness of that star. You want to get close to star 6 if you want to have career advancement and be in a position of authority and influence. Star 6 gives you power to rule and lead.

The monthly star 8 is flying to the south-west in May 2018. When the star 8 meets the star 6 they form a very fortunate combination in flying stars Feng Shui. The star 8 is associated with prosperity and wealth. Would you agree that when authority and prosperity arrive together for you, it’s rather good luck? You could say you need to work hard for prosperity and it’s true. The wealth stars don’t do it for you by themselves you need to put your time and effort. 

Will you feel luckier working in the south-west sector of your home and office in May 2018? Try it out.

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